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The Story Behind Some of our Projects

Read about some of Revolution Solar’s customers. Why did they decide to switch to clean, renewable energy and become more energy independent? What factors went into the design and implementation of their solar system installation? How did their project turn out, and what kind of impact is their solar system having on their financial bottom line and on the planet?


Every job has a story behind it and a story to tell for the future

The following customer stories give some examples of why our customers have decided to switch to solar power, how their project took shape, and what impact their clean energy production is having on the future.

3 AllEarth trackers provide 100% of the Head’s usage.

3 AllEarth trackers provide 100% of the Head’s usage.

Rob & Connie Head (burlington)

“Alternative energy has long been a passion of mine. After considering various options for our home, I decided solar-photovoltaic (PV) was best for our needs. I have an electrical background and started my search for an installer. My wife and I had gone to home shows and events to talk to solar providers and had over 8 companies come to our house, evaluate our site and provide us with proposals. We found that many provided incorrect and misleading information, as well as used “short cut” methods and poorly specified materials.

When we learned of Revolution Solar and contacted them to review our goals and site, it was a night and day experience when compared to our interactions with the other providers. We found Mary Jo Cronin and Jim Doherty to be collaborative, accurate in their representation of the facts, and they provided a solid and professional proposal that we were very comfortable in accepting. During the installation, I was present to monitor the installation, materials used and methods. Not once did I find issue or concern. They provided us with a quality system and maintained their professionalism.

After this experience, I decided that once I retired from my career, as an Electrical Technician, I would contact Revolution Solar with the goal to become part of their team. In 2018, I became a team member at Revolution Solar and take pride in helping others achieve their solar goals.”

Rob Head

Customer and Revolution Solar Team Member

Kai Chan (west fulton)

”Thank you and your team for an excellent job. 

The entire experience working with the Revolution Solar team is amazing - We love working with your team!

The technicians are extremely knowledgeable given the many, many, many deep technical discussions we had leading to my extremely awesome solar system. As an engineer who pays attention to details, I really appreciated the technical discussions and the care the team took to install the system. I noticed all the conduits are installed perfectly with external penetrations tightly sealed from the elements. I also noticed the installer changing his boots to sneakers before walking on the roof to avoid damage.  It is all the many, many little things that other people may not notice, but I do and I truly appreciate the efforts and professionalism.

We have definitely optimized every solar panel we purchased.  I now have 3 independent systems.  One for the house. one for my water pumps, and one for my solar hot water tank. We also managed to run a circuit to divert excess solar energy to power whatever we want (we are currently using it to power our second hot water tank). 

With much gratitude - THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE!”



Off-grid installation, Fall 2018.

Off-grid installation, Fall 2018.

Adding panels to the AllEarth tracker frame.

Adding panels to the AllEarth tracker frame.

web stayman (hartwick)

“We really want to thank you and your guys for doing such a great job.  I love going to the Sunpower site and looking at the performance graphs and numbers.  Helen thinks I might be a little obsessive. I like that we are producing 150% of our demand! [an example of a daily peak solar production value compared to the home’s usage at that moment - ed.]  Still waiting for that first NYSEG bill since turning on the array. So thank you again for all your work.  If you want to bring any clients by to see a tracker at work please feel free. I refer to the tracker as "kinetic art that saves money."

- Web S., proud owner of an AllEarth tracker, installed 2018

Revolution solar hq

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk!

As we read every day about the terrible effects of climate change, we need to go about “being the change that we want to see”, as the saying goes.

By installing a 45 kW solar system on the roof of our building, along with a Geothermal HVAC and good insulation, we have created a workplace for four businesses that is fossil free!

Join us in taking action and become EMPOWERED!

The Revolution starts with just one action.

Change starts here!

Change starts here!