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How long do systems last?

The panels have a warranty of 25 years but normally will keep producing long after that. The inverters normally come with a 10 year warranty but there is an option to extend the warranty.

What is the payback period?

A typical payback period for residential systems is anywhere from 5-15 years on average.

How do you size a system

We try to size your system based primarily off of your power consumption for the previous 12 months as well as how much energy you would like to offset, whether that be 100% of your use or 50%. We also analyze your site to see how many panels would fit on your roof, whether you have enough land for a ground-mount, or whether a Dual Axis tracker would be your most efficient choice Every site is different and we treat every solar system as such.

Do solar panels have to go on my roof?

No. We offer ground-mounts, pole-mounts, and trackers as alternatives to roof mounts. You can see examples of many different kinds of installations in the photos on our site.

How much does a site visit cost?

Site visits are free, all you have to do is call and schedule a time for one of us to come visit the site.

Do I need to prepare anything for a site visit?

It helps tremendously to have the past 12 months of your energy usage on hand. You can generally find this on your latest bill or you can go online to your Utility providers website and login if you have an account.

What does a site visit involve?

Once a site visit is scheduled, we will come directly to your site. At your site we will take a look at your utility meter, main service panel, as well as where you would like the panels to go. While there we can discuss if we think a ground-mount or roof-mount would be better. We also have a tool that can tell us the amount of sunlight and shading a location will receive so we can try to place the panels in an optimal location.

How long does the installation process take?

The time varies according to the application processes: NYSERDA, Interconnection and Permitting. Usually the installation takes the least time, dependant upon the system size, i.e. how many panels.

How do I pay for my solar?

The cost of the system is greatly reduced by the incentives: the NYSERDA Rebate, the 30% Federal Tax Credit and 25% NYS Tax Credit, which is capped for energy improvements at $5000. NYSERDA has partnered with Energy Finance Solutions which has loans from 3.99% to 3.49% (for automatic withdrawal or on bill recovery). Look on NYSERDA's link for more information. At this time, Revolution Solar does not offer financing through leasing (at the residential level); we strongly encourage you to discuss your options with your local banks and credit unions.